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SmartMat customer feedback

Question: No one wants to play off mats, any mats, so ask yourself - why does the Smart Mat® receive so much tremendous feedback from Golfers? Answer: It really must be as good as they say it is!
"I recently purchased three of your smart mats and I must admit I was quite surprised how big a difference it made compared to the conventional mats. (I am a 6 handicap golfer in winter and 9 in summer). Thank you for a great product." Hamish
“We provide 'astro turf' type mats free to borrow for a round but virtually all members are trying them then returning to buy the Smart Mats from the club. All owners of the Smart Mats are using them in preference to Preferred Lies (lift & place).” DH, Golf Magic forum
“These are a huge advance on old-style winter mats. They inspire confidence and are a fun to play off. Also a fantastic tool for practising your golf or preparing ahead of a round, allowing you to swing downwards without taking a divot or offering a consistent surface to hit warm-up shots from. A truly great product.” Duncan, South Africa
"I’m not sure if Gleneagles is insisting on winter turf protection but that apart, my playing partner went round in a scratch 70 with his launcher at Turnhouse GC recently and I just have to see if some of that rubs off on me as well. The big kid in me will be using the Smart Mat no matter what." Brilliant guys, and thanks for that. Clive
“A great success, what a terrific sensation hitting off this "mat"!! By the way they are selling like the proverbial hotcakes in Cruden Bay!! Best regards, Jim”
“Used the Smart Mat last year, beats teeing up teeing up in winter conditions, clubs should make them mandatory in winter, stops fairways getting ripped up, and no need to pick and play from the first cut.” John H.
“Smart Mats bring a little bit of summer to those horrible winter golf courses! As vital to enjoying a nice winter round as a pair of gloves. You shouldn't go without either!” Dave S.
“Won't play winter golf without one! Hands done the best winter mat in the business! I use it on winter tees as well, so stops your irons from getting marked.....easier to use, lighter, doesn't deform like other mats, it's a no brainer! It's simple, take it out, throw it down, roll your ball on, give it a crack, pick it up. Gonna pick myself up a spare in case I lose it, or the people who try it don't give it me back”. Trevor Hulton
“The best winter mat on the market without doubt “. Fred Green
“No kidding they are great and have got much interest at our club. 4 of my pals have ordered online too as result and all single figure handicappers. Just trying to convince our club shop to look into stocking the Smart Mat now!!!” Martin, Lancs
“This product is awesome this is what winter golf has needed” Andy H. (f.b)
"Guys ,I bought a rocket launcher at the golf show on Saturday morning and drove straight to the course to try it. Awesome awesome awesome!! I am going to try to get more people at my course using it. Cheers" - Brian

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